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On A Personal Growth Journey Hoping To Inspire And Motivate You To Do The Same…

Hello there! I’m Glory

I am a teen Christian and third year college student social work. I am passionate about always improving and being as close to the person God created me to be as I can get (guess that’s why I named my brand Embrace Your Created). I’ve been on this journey for a few years and I have learned so much from people who have much more experience than me.

I started this blog to help you do the same, start living to your fullest potential and embrace the amazing person God created you to be and to not live less than God would have you live and be.

So, whether it’s personal and Christian growth, mindset and motivation, time management and productivity, planning and organization or learning and studying, I’ll be sharing what I have learned in these topics to help you as it has helped me.

If that sounds appealing to you and you want some of the stuff this blog has to offer, join the fam and let’s go on this journey together!

My Favourite Blogs…

Here are some of my faves! Hope you like em’

How To Set And Actually Achieve Your Goals
How To Set And Actually Achieve Your Goals

Learn how to set goals the right way and tips to help you achieve them

How To Study Smart And Effectively
How To Study Smart And Effectively

Learn the best study tips that you can use to skyrocket your grades in college.

Simple Time Management Strategies To Help You Improve Your Productivity
Simple Time Management Strategies To Help You Improve Your Productivity

Find time management tips to help you manage your time and be more productive.

mock up of a weekly planner

Weekly Planner

Get this planner to help you plan your week and be more productive!

mock up of a study checklist

Study Checklist

Get this study checklist to help you study smart and effectively!

mock up of a goal setting worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

Get this worksheet to help you set goals the right way and actually achieve them!

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Blog Categories

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Personal & Christian Growth
Personal & Christian Growth

If you’re looking for information on how you can improve and become your best self, grow your relationship with God and change your life, then this category is the right place to be.

picture of a desk with a computer showing time on the screen
Time Management & Productivity

Learn how to use your time wisely, how to plan and schedule your time and how to be more productive and other time management and productivity related tips here.

Planning & Organisation
Planning & Organisation

Whether its goal setting or how to plan your week, college semester or anything planning and organization for teens and young adults, find what you need in this category.

Learning & Studying
Learning & Studying

Whether you are a college student or someone who just wants to learn a new skill, find the information, tips and help you need in this category.

Mindset & Motivation
Mindset & Motivation

Mindset is very important in all you do. Find tips to help you have a healthy mindset and other tips to motivate you in this section.

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