Heyy, I’m Glory

I am a college student in my second year of studying a bachelor’s degree in social work.

I am crazy about all things Christian growth, Goal Setting, Productivity, Learning and living a life that inspires others and most importantly glorifies God.

My Experiences

A few years ago, I was in a really dark place, I didn’t think I was worth anything, I was very jealous and envious of my friends and always thought that they were better than me (in an unhealthy way not a humble way). I tried so many things to find balance in how I viewed myself but nothing really worked.

I went through some hard things. I had to let go of some things and people and even though it was hard, it was 100% worth it!

The Change

Last Year I started to get serious about God in my life and embracing who he created me to be.

I went from being insecure, constantly comparing myself to others, being jealous and envious of them to loving who God created me to be, having much more peace and appreciating who he created me to be.

Me and my life are by no means perfect but I more equipped every day to deal with the struggles and be a better me.

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It’s Your Time Love!

I am here to help you become more organized, plan or set goals properly and actually achieve them, manage your time better and master your mindset using different hacks.

I want you to learn to appreciate the person God created you to be and get closer to him. I want you to be more organized and content in your life, cherishing and being present in every single moment of your life (the good and the bad).

The fear, insecurity, self-hatred, jealousy, envy and unappreciation doesn’t have to be a part of you. You can definitely do better and be better, you can be the amazing person God created you to be. You can live a life that glorifies God and inspires others to do the same. You are special.

It’s time to start embracing who God created you to be!

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